NCGOP Launch Black Coalition Ahead of 2020 Election

For Immediate Release 

Raleigh, NC -- This week, the North Carolina Republican Party announced the launching of the Black Conservative Voices Coalition.

The Black Conservative Voices coalition brings together members of the Black Community in North Carolina to support conservative policies and elect conservative policymakers in order to bring greater economic opportunity, safer communities, more school choice options, and better healthcare policies for generations to come.

Board Members include Chairman Addul Ali, Larry Rainey, Victoria Ramos, Vivian Weinberg, and Shamike Bethea. These Conservative black leaders will help activate and mobilize minority voters and shine a light on the bridge between Black culture and conservative political ideologies. 

For too long, the Democratic Party has taken advantage of minority voters. This Black Conservative Voices Coalition will help educate voters on policies that will advance them and their communities. 

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