North Carolina Black Conservative Voices

The Black Conservative Voices coalition brings together members of the Black Community in North Carolina to support conservative policies and elect conservative policymakers in order to bring greater economic opportunity, safer communities, more school choice options, and better healthcare policies for generations to come.

Meet the Board

North Carolina Black Conservative Voices

Addul Ali Chairman

Larry Rainey Board Member

Victoria Ramos Board Member

Vivian Weinburg Board Member

Shamike Bethea Board Member

Immanuel Jarvis Board Member

Wilfred Ruck Board Member

Latest News

PRESS RELEASE: Black Conservatives Host First Annual Freedom Conference

For Immediate Release RALEIGH - This past Saturday, the North Carolina Republican Party’s Black Conservative Voices Coalition hosted their first annual Freedom Conference and Patriot’s Ball in Raleigh. With 2020 in the rearview mirror, these Black Conservatives are looking for...

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NCGOP Launch Black Coalition Ahead of 2020 Election

For Immediate Release  Raleigh, NC -- This week, the North Carolina Republican Party announced the launching of the Black Conservative Voices Coalition. The Black Conservative Voices coalition brings together members of the Black Community in North Carolina to support conserva...

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Must Read Profile Of Clarence Henderson Who Will Speak Tonight At The RNC Night Three

Raleigh NC - The High Point Enterprise wrote a profile of Clarence Henderson who will speak tonight at the Republican National Convention. Clarence Henderson participated in the famous Woolworth Sit-Ins and continues to advocate for the Black community. “We are proud to count...

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Letter from the Chairman

Dear Black Conservatives -- Have you noticed that we as African Americans are looked down on for supporting so-called “republican” policies or even worse, being told that “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for Joe Biden?  For too many years, we have seen the destructive impac...

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Clarence Henderson: George Floyd protests — what I learned during lunch counter sit-ins in 1960

“Clarence, what can we do to make things better?” I’ve heard that question countless times in the last few weeks, as the senseless murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd flooded the headlines, filling us all with horror and grief. Many decent Americans want ...

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